Common Foot Conditions Treated with Swift Therapy

Have you been experiencing increased embarrassment and discomfort in your feet due to warts? Swift therapy might be the treatment that can help with this common foot condition which affects up to 14% of the population according to a study published in Science Direct. The doctors at Central Connecticut Foot Care Center in Meriden, CT, offer Swift therapy, a technologically advanced, efficient, and effective solution for plantar warts.

What Does Swift Therapy Treat?

Swift therapy is a modern technology that podiatrists use to treat a common foot condition called plantar warts. Warts, painful lesions on the skin, can form in various locations on the body, including the top and bottom of the feet. They form due to a virus called HPV (human papillomavirus) that is passed by physical contact between people and in some communal environments like swimming pools or gyms. So if someone rubs feet with another person who has a wart, that could cause the virus and wart to spread. Eliminating warts can be difficult using traditional methods, but Swift therapy is considered to be a more effective solution.

How Does Swift Therapy Work?

Swift therapy uses microwave technology to target the root cause of plantar warts, which is the HPV virus. The Swift wand sends waves of energy into the wart, which activates the immune system to encourage it to work to eradicate the virus. Swift therapy requires several visits to your Meriden, CT, foot doctor, about a month apart, and each session takes about 10 minutes. Soon after each treatment, you can usually return to normal activities.

Foot Care Help and Advice for Plantar Warts

You can avoid developing more plantar warts and reduce the chance of their reappearance by following these tips:

  • Wear socks and shoes to cover your feet, especially when outside of your home.
  • Wash and moisturize your feet regularly.
  • Avoid using nail or foot tools that were used on a wart in other areas of your feet or body.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching or handling a wart.
  • Do not cut or pick at a wart, as this opens a wound that could cause the HPV virus to spread.
  • Avoid sharing towels and washcloths with anyone who may have warts.

See if Swift Therapy is Right for You

If you've been struggling with plantar warts that are making it difficult for you to perform normal activities, Swift therapy may be the solution for your feet. Contact Dr. Boucher at Central Connecticut Footcare Center in Meriden, CT, today by calling (203) 238-3668.

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